Videos Telescopic Pool Enclosures

Watch all the videos of telescopic pool Enclosures that are easy to open. No effort required. Why would anyone want to push a Retractable Pool Enclosure, we don’t drive with horse and buggy so why would we push a building open or close.

Only one company in the world offers fully Automatic Telescopic Pool Enclosures that has a patented drive system. Watch the videos. See for yourself. This is a standard feature of pool and patio enclosures with the fully automated electric drive system (motorized drive system). Quietly moving at approximately 20 feet per minute, most enclosures require only a minute or 2 to fully open or close. Or, you may want it only partially opened. It’s up to you.

The “WOW” factor is unsurpassed. Choose from standard controls in conjunction with our touch screen controls with added circuitry to operate your pool, heating systems, lighting and other accessories. For the completely high tech, the entire system can also be web enabled, allowing for remote access via computer or Smartphone.